How We Can Help You

Smart Italics offers a range of high quality services at competitive rates, delivering research-backed solutions that work towards your goals. We endeavour to provide all of our services via ethical methods and with an environmentally-friendly aim.

We’re based in a land Down Under (Australia, specifically) and assist businesses, organisations, groups, artists and individuals locally and throughout the world.

Graphic Design

The branding and graphics for a project, business, organisation or group is incredibly important. Your branding is most likely the first encounter people experience of your business or project. You want to deliver a professional image that interests people from the get go and easily communicates your message.

Our expert graphic designers with years of experience under their belt are the solution to your graphic design needs. From logos and brochures through to menus and wall murals, our team have done it all. We can help you create the graphics that truly suit your goals, delivered promptly at a competitive rate.


High quality photos can make the difference between people committing to your product, service and project, or people walking away from what you’re offering. Build trust and give yourself a competitive advantage with photography performed by experienced Australian photographers.

Our professional photographers can arrive onsite at your location or in the case of product photography, can take your products back to our studio where we’ll perform the photography and processing. Currently we offer photography services throughout the Melbourne VIC region.

Website Design

Designing a website well requires a lot of effort. You must take into account your goals, the experience of your users, coordination of content, platforms to deliver it quickly and many other elements that will leave you staring at a screen for hours and hours. Lets remember too that web design is very different to graphic design. If you want someone to take care of designing a high quality website that suits your goals, then that’s where we come in.

Smart Italics can help you create a website that is quick, effective and suits your branding. We can handle the whole process from domain name registration to launch. Our web design team includes industry veterans with over a decade of experience each minimum, always honing their skills to deliver the best experiences on the web.

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Ecommerce websites give you the ability to sell your products and services online throughout the world, with a range of customisations and features available to suit the unique goals of your store. Web shops can integrate with eBay and Amazon, provide your customers with gift vouchers and coupons, allow your users to create accounts and manage wishlists, along with speeding up and streamlining your customer’s shopping experience, helping increase sales.

Take your shop to the next level with a research-backed solution from Smart Italics. We’ve created numerous ecommerce websites that have helped our clients grow their customer base, boost their sales and reduce their administrative time.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Appear higher in search results, obtain more traffic and receive more enquiries or sales through the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO). The landscape of SEO is constantly changing and to keep your website at the top of search results, this is a landscape you need to keep track of.

Our SEO experts are here to handle this for you. We keep on top of industry changes and implement effective improvements to help boost your website in search results, provide a better experience for your users and drive your site towards your goals.

Social Media Management

In this day and age, a social media presence is important for many different types of businesses, organisations, artists and individuals. Connect with your user base and fans through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more to keep them in the loop of your activities and lead them towards your goals, such as generating more newsletter signups, receiving more enquiries or increasing online orders.

We can help you setup and manage your social media channels efficiently and cost-effectively. Give your project an advantage with regular social media posts that generate attention and genuine interest in your project.


Copywriting is the process of writing text to be used for marketing, advertising and branding material. Well written copy helps you stand out amongst the crowd, raises brand awareness, leads your target market towards your goals (more sales, signups or enquiries) and builds on your professional, trustworthy image.

Our experienced and qualified copywriters can cost-effectively transform your ideas and goals into usable text content that builds upon your branding and marketing. Our copywriters are based in Australia, giving them great insight into the Australian business market and other areas, contributing to them in the creation of high quality text articles that suit what your local target audience desires. Our copywriters are also experienced writing for international markets, whether that’s a business in Australia targeting international markets or for example, a European-based firm looking to expand their presence across the globe.

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WordPress Maintenance

Do you have a self hosted WordPress website and no time to maintain it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The fact is, maintaining a website and maintaining it well takes time, effort and skills.

We take care of your WordPress maintenance at a competitive and affordable rate. We regularly review your website to update components, performing this in a safe and professional manner that aims to avoid impacting your users. Backups of your website are created regularly, to be used in the event your website is compromised, experiences hosting problems or you need to revert to a previous version. All of this gives you more time to focus on your project or business while we take care of the nitty gritty technical backups and updates.

Domain Name Registration and Renewal

Great idea for a new website? Don’t forget, you’ve gotta start with registering your domain name.

We can help you cost-effectively and quickly register and renew your domain names. We can also advise you on securing the right domains to suit your goals. We’ll take care of all the labour involved in registering your domains and if needed, we can help you connect it to your web and email hosting, or set it to forward to another domain of your choosing.

Domain Transfers

Tired of your current domain name registrar overcharging you and providing no support? Unfortunately, it does happen and we’ve seen painful domain registrars torture a fair few people.

Stop losing time and money to these subpar registrars and move your domain to a quality provider. Smart Italics can help you transfer your domains to a registrar that suits your goals, includes a feature-rich range of domain control options, doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for simple things, plus is there to support you when you need it.

Remote IT Support

Operating system update stuffed up everything? Why won’t the emails just work? Where did those funny images on the desktop come from?

Sometimes, you just want someone to magically appear and fix these computer woes for you.

While we can’t magically appear, we can use technology to connect to your computer quickly when needed and help you get back onto the important tasks at hand. Our expert team can remotely access your computer to help you with installing software, removing viruses, fine tuning / maintenance and configuring your computer to suit your needs. We take customer / client privacy very seriously, understanding that one’s computer can be their own personal kingdom and respect this. We’re here to help you quickly, providing you with solutions that you actually do need (rather than get sold by a salesperson) at an affordable rate.

Onsite IT Support

Whether you’re in a rural space up north or down south, or even in the thick of it in major cities, our skilled IT experts are available to help you at your location with your computer and network requirements. From laptops failing to connect to the internet, to home theatre systems playing up, we’re here to help you.

Our IT professional services are currently based in Melbourne VIC and Brisbane QLD. Visits to your location by appointment. Currently we service customers 200km from / around the Melbourne CBD and Brisbane CBD.

Why Choose Us for Your Project?


Our web designers / developers, graphic designers, marketers and IT specialists have 10 years of experience minimum each. Everyone in the team is skilled and qualified to deliver a high quality solution, backed by industry knowledge and research.


We aim to take an ethical consideration with every service and product we provide. This includes the use of environmentally-friendly materials and programs, delivering value for money and providing services that are actually needed for our clients. This ethical aim carries over to our staff and how we support them.

Competitively Priced

Our rates ensure you can have a high quality product and end result at an affordable price. We’re incredibly competitive in the Australian and worldwide market for the quality that we deliver.